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  • Philip van Geldern
    I just wanted to spend a minute to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with PolyTec Electric over the last 10+ years. I have been in the building business for over 40 years so have dealt with many subcontractors and rarely get a company as professional as PolyTec.

    We have done many projects together ranging from new 25,000 square foot ultra-high end homes to servicing past customers in things as simple as a bad outlet and I never have to give it a second thought that the job will be done in a timely manner and I will have a happy customer.

    As I start another $30 million dollar residence in Greenwich Ct., I didn’t even think of using anyone else. I brought John in at the beginning to help value engineer the job and will look for his guidance throughout this build because his experience and professionalism will ultimately make my job easier managing such an enormous project.

    Not many electricians can handle a job of this size but John’s experience and quality crew will be up to the task as they have before on so many of my projects!

    Happy to have PolyTec on my team!
    Philip van Geldern
  • Barbara Bouyea
    PolyTec is such a joy. They are an asset to our team. We can design, but getting a design executed is half the battle. No worries when John and his team are our electrical contractors. They review the drawings and specifications. They communicate, they ask questions, they invest the time to do things correctly the first time. They handle our equipment with great care. They understand they are in the service business and are always willing to assist even if it is for a night mockup, last minute mockup or site visit. They are professional, pleasant, and respectful of others on the team, and the properties where they are employed. I look forward to having them on our projects. We have worked together for over 6 years, and I would highly recommend them for any electrical installation no matter the size. Once you have worked with them, you will use them for all your electrical needs.
    Barbara Bouyea
    Bouyea & Associates - FAIA | Washington Depot, CT
  • Tasos Kokoris
    I am an architect with an eclectic practice along the east coast. I have been working with PolyTec on large and small projects for more than two decades, and my experience has been consistently excellent. John and his crew are knowledgeable, professional, and extremely attentive to every detail. Working with this group has truly been an educational experience, and I continually admire the depth of their technical expertise and the complete understanding of their craft. I would highly recommend them to anyone without reservation.
    Tasos Kokoris
  • Phillip Monat Lighting Design
    PolyTec has built several large complex projects that I have designed. They have been extremely thorough, comprehensive and attentive to all details, from specifications stage through code compliance and installation. John is responsive and always available to answer questions and to solve the small issues that always seem to crop up. On top of that, he is a terrific guy, and the work is top notch. A very skilled and well-run company I highly recommend.
    Phillip Monat Lighting Design
    Architectural Lighting Designer
  • Rudd Rowan
    Eighteen years and counting...! Our experience working w/ PolyTec has been consistently rewarding. An energetic and courteous staff along with accommodating scheduling, problem-solving and timely communication. It all starts and is supported from the top. Inquiries welcome.
    Rudd Rowan
    Entassis Woodworks, Inc.
  • Hayley Ball-Machir, PharmD, BCACP, CDE
    The crew at PolyTec were extremely accommodating and punctual.

    We wanted a high tech bathroom fan that has a built in Wi-Fi function installed. When scheduling the estimate (which was free), Mark came out around my schedule (I go to work @730am) and he was there @7am so I wouldn't be late. He checked out the breaker box for me to ensure all connections were safe/appropriate without charging for that inspection.

    Pricing was fair and the electrician that came out to perform the job was exceptionally clean. He brought his own drop cloth, padding for the washer (had to climb on top to get into the attic), and his own shop vac to clean up the dust. WOW! I have never had an electrician be so tidy.

    All of the employees came in their company-marked vehicles and wore their company logos, so I wasn't left wondering where they came from. While I hope we don't need an electrician in the future - I know who to call when something comes up!

    Thanks guys!
    Hayley Ball-Machir, PharmD, BCACP, CDE
    Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist | Yale New Haven Health - NEMG
  • Kim B.
    I work for TR Building and Remodeling, Inc. in New Canaan, CT. We work frequently with Polytec Electric on our projects and would like consumers in our area to know what an outstanding professional service provider they are. When you deal with John and Patty you will be well taken care of with the work done right and at a good price. They are dependable, pay exceptional attention to detail and are committed to customer satisfaction.
    Kim B.
  • Victor W.
    They are very good and have done work for me all the time. They are very fairly priced, and their crew is spotless. There is no B.S., they come in, do their job and seem to do it very quickly. They make sure everything is working properly and then get out. I have never had an issue with them. They are professional, efficient and their price is reasonable.
    Victor W.
  • Maria Xavier
    In January 2019 we lost power during a major snow storm. JT Tomascak and his team are blue collar angels. JT drove over 40 minutes from New Milford to Seymour on Sunday night and installed his own portable generator and brought lots of gas so I would have power and our pipes wouldn’t freeze from the outage. He even spent a lot of time teaching me how to run it and how to manage the breakers. He was so patient, kind and thorough. My neighbor Ethel’s line got torn down from her home. I brought him over to assess the damage to see if he could help her. He couldn’t fix it there because of the extent of the damage but promised he would have two of his electricians there early in the morning. JT noticed Ethel had the fireplace on. He takes it upon himself to bring in wood into the home from the cold garage so she wouldn’t have to during the night.

    The next day in the AM as promised he sent two of his electricians to fix and replace my neighbor’s pole and meter They even came over my home when my furnace guy showed up to answer questions. They spent most of the day in the freezing cold and got the job done for my neighbor just as the Eversource crew showed up. Talk about perfect timing! But none of that would have been possible if JT hadn’t come over when he did on his own time and set things in motion. He saved my pipes from freezing and Ethel was able to get restored as quickly as possible.

    I’d love to get JT Tomascak and his company Polytec Electric tons of good press for all his good deeds.

    After losing power during the Microburst in July 2021, we decided to install a direct line to our panel to use with a portable generator. Jeff, the Polytec electrician assigned to our job helped us decide the best place for its placement in relation to where the generator would be used. He was in and out of the house to get his work done and was clean and efficient while doing so. Afterwards, the owner JT came to my house to teach me how to manage the fuse panel in relation to the generator. I was apprehensive because I was worried about hurting myself or others with something electrical, but he assured me that the way the system was installed, there was no way to do so. He even let me record him demonstrating how to use it so I could reference anytime. I feel confident now in my ability to manage this because of the time he took to help me. I will always be thankful to JT and his crew at Polytec!
    Maria Xavier
  • Jim Eagan Agency
    We have used Polytec Electric many times and have been completely satisfied. John runs a tight ship. His electricians are courteous, well trained and always on time. I would highly recommend!
    Jim Eagan Agency